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Pre-press is used to describe the process a document must go through before it can be printed. There are several steps involved in the Pre-press process such as editing, proof reading, scanning, color separation, layout, and other text and graphics related functions. In the same way, Typesetting is the process of presenting the text in the graphical layout.

When it comes to digital pre-press and typesetting, the process becomes exceptionally intricate since there are minutest details pertaining to text and graphic layout, formatting, color formation, and other features that should be taken care of.

Akshayam Technologies have professional team to do typeset books in different languages such as English, Swedish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, or other European languages. Even the most complex pre-press and typesetting projects for technical, medical books, science, math books, academic, dictionary, encyclopedia, directory, and catalogue; and journals related to education, medical, technical, science, social science and humanities.

Pre-Press Services are:
arrows Editorial Services
arrows Typesetting
arrows Artwork Illustration
arrows Graphical Designing