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entourage_edge_dual_screen_ebook_reader_available_now_1_00011Akshayam Technologies provides customized end-to-end solutions for Digital Book solution. Our Project Management services enable our customers to concentrate on their core business areas rather than worry about managing the day-to-day schedules in Publishing.

Digital Books are available in a variety of formats. Popular digital book format is the Portable Document File or PDF. This is a highly-compatible format and can be viewed on PCs, Macs or directly on the Web with Adobe Reader. Another popular e-book format is EPub. This format is an open standard for e-books, and books with this format can be viewed on a number of e-reading devices. HTML e-books can only be viewed with computers or mobile devices that can connect to the Internet; and TXT e-book files are displayed in plain text and are very small in size. Akshayam Technologies has providing high quality eBook digital solutions to variety of clients the world over. We have tried and tested processes in place for each service and can also customize the process to fit your organization’s requirements.