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Akshayam Technologies have professional experts to do fixed layout ePub. Our “Fixed layout” ePub Conversion experts can help you preserve the qualities of the printed page if you are planning large illustrations/photos (cookbooks, travel books, children’s books, comics, etc.) or your books relies heavily on design elements.

Fixed layout eBooks are immensely used in children’s eBooks and nonfiction books like cookbooks and textbooks. Fixed layout eBook helps to keep the same layout and designs as their print book counterparts, and can sometimes contain enhancements that make them more interesting and interactive. They are fully functional HTML based eBook files, the specific styles and layouts used in these files are not re-flowable like standard eBook files.

Fixed layout supports devices like Amazon Kindle, B&N nook, Apple iPad, and Kobo devices.  Amazon, B&N, and Apple have all created their own unique fixed layout eBook file formats.