Editorial Services

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  • arrows Both language and technical editing.
  • arrows Editing of all levels including medical, engineering, science maths, business and management, economics, humanities and social sciences, trade and mass market.
  • arrows In-house copyeditors with vast experience.
  • arrows Editors proficient in hard copy and online edits.
  • arrows Adept to Chicago Manual of Style, APA, AMA and other standards.


  • arrows Check for style, consistency PDF compare to avoid any introduced errors.
  • arrows Technical skills in checking engineering books with all details as well.


  • arrows Exposure to different types of indexes from medical, nursing, mass market, trade to science, engineering and management.
  • arrows Emphasis on conceptual and direct entries.

Editorial Proofreading

  • arrows Sense reading of the text and manuscript
  • arrows Manuscript review
  • arrows Content check and fact checking
  • arrows Manuscript evaluation
  • arrows Style checks and editorial checks